The 26 Most Dalston Things Ever

Welome to hipster central. Population: all these people.


OK, that’s a decent start. But those aren’t the most Dalston things that have ever happened. These are…

2. This plea for the safe return of a lost ‘Dalmatian print’ shoe.

3. This flyer for a club night.

Yes, they called it Your Mum’s House just so they could make that joke.

4. These young lovers.

It’s that club night again.

5. This fella, wearing swimming trunks to go shopping.

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6. This moustachioed, cravat-wearing DJ.

7. This complete legend, who is totally owning the dancefloor.

8. This guy on his way to play unicycle hockey.

Yes, that is an actual thing.

9. This fashionable duo, vox-popped by Vice.

10. This graffiti that thinks it is very clever.

11. This dude wearing a cloak while standing against a brick wall.

12. This woman who is not appropriately attired for a game of tennis.

13. This lady, whose cap makes a devastating anti-capitalist statement.

14. This trend-setter wearing half a leather jacket.

Note all-important lens flare and backdrop of dereliction.

15. These trailblazers sharing a pair of dungarees.

16. This garment, which no-one would ever dare wear in Yorkshire.

18. This bus destination display.

20. This carnival on a canal. A “canalival”, if you will.

21. This SHOCKING and IN-YOUR-FACE piece of street art.

The name of the piece? Today I Started Loving You Again.

22. This bold sartorial decision.

Thought I'd seen it all on the hipster front but some div just cycled past me in a GENERAL PINOCHET t-shirt #dalston

— Andrew Harrison (@Nndroid)

Andrew Harrison


Thought I’d seen it all on the hipster front but some div just cycled past me in a GENERAL PINOCHET t-shirt #dalston

23. This earthshaking pronouncement.

24. This powerful broadside against the establishment.

25. This impossible-to-resist party invitation.

26. And this delightful welcome.

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