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The 22 Dumbest Things You Can Do In "Grand Theft Auto V"

If you enjoy terrorising cows in a number of different ways, this is the game for you.

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22. Drive a tractor off a cliff.

21. Hurl yourself face first into a fence.

20. Fail, somewhat pathetically, to vault this obstacle.

19. Bamboozle a dog into getting run over.

18. Belly flop awkwardly onto a bunch of pedestrians.

17. Take a selfie.

16. Somehow contrive to fall backward out of a car into a basement.

15. Narrowly avoid crashing into an airborne cow.

14. Then kick one in the ribs for no good reason at all.

13. In fact, the destruction of cows is something of a theme in this game. Whether it's carried out via quad bike...

12. ...or by stealing a gravel truck and crushing them beneath your pitiless wheels.

11. Headbutt a telegraph pole.

10. Run headlong into the path of a speeding train.

9. Smash into a deer.

8. And then stand over its twitching corpse, looking remorseful.

7. Impersonate Walter White.

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6. Remonstrate with this guy.

5. Throw a poorly timed punch at a shark.

(Because that's only ever going to end one way.)

4. Stand around watching two dogs humping.

3. Projectile vomit out the window of a sports car.

2. Foolishly hurl yourself out of a helicopter mid-flight.

1. Karate chop a mime artist in the face.