27 Spectacular News Fails

When the media goes delightfully wrong. Slightly NSFW images and language ahead.

1. When The Guardian misspelt “ranking”.

2. When Metro got excited about an imaginary supergroup.

3. When this showbiz reporter failed to spot Jack Whitehall in the photo.

4. When the BBC were in a hurry to ring in the Chinese new year.

5. When the Financial Times just got really depressed.

7. When Brighton’s The Argus warned its readers about an impending goat apocalypse.

8. When an Australian newspaper had a total meltdown, printing the words “World is fukt” on its front page…


9. And then did this on the very same front page.

10. When this TV newsreader presented an item on dental hygiene without considering how it might look with the sound off.

11. When the CNN news ticker alarmed Royalists everywhere.

12. When this juxtaposition happened.

16. And this one.

17. When the BBC’s Europe correspondent was given the wrong name.

18. When this BBC weather man was caught giving the finger.

19. When this newsreader tried to present a serious item to camera while a man waggled his bum about in the background.

20. When this awkward combination of stories happened.

21. When The Guardian thought Glasgow was the capital of Scotland.

22. When CNN failed at geography.

23. When the person responsible for writing the subtitles just gave up.

24. When this newsreader stood in the wrong place.

25. When The Guardian tweeted a picture of an aid worker’s Fleshlight sex toy.

26. When a Czech newsreader failed to notice the penis hovering over his shoulder.

27. And when this traffic report got unexpectedly graphic.


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Luke Lewis is BuzzFeed's Head of European Growth and is based in London.
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