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28 Times Selfies Went Too Far In 2014

The most important issue facing humanity today. Ban selfies.

1. So it seems an awful lot of people got a selfie stick for Christmas.

2. This is troubling. But the rise of the selfie stick is merely one symptom of a wider problem.

3. Quite simply, we have reached peak selfie. As a society, we must recognise the need for change.

4. Just look at all the human suffering wrought by selfies in 2014.

5. They generated health scares.

6. They caused some people to spend way too much money.

7. And caused others to lose all sense of human dignity.

8. While still others just took the whole thing way too far.

9. Pity the celebrities, like Liam Payne here, emotionally broken from having to take so many selfies.


10. While others, like Kim Kardashian, have seemingly taken to photoshopping theirs.

11. People took selfies in inappropriate locations.

12. And at deeply inappropriate times. Such as during the Sydney siege.

One guy has been taking selfies with his selfie stick. It hurts #sydneysiege

13. Or while present at the birth of a child.

14. Everyone got in on the act, even respected broadcasters.

Not a very pretty #Budget2015 selfie. Osborne & Co behind me wouldn't pose

15. We had crotch selfies.

16. Divorce selfies.

17. There was the dismaying rise of the toilet selfie.

18. Some people tried to make the "selfie conga" a thing.

19. People took selfies with no regard for their personal safety.

20. This guy, for example, was fined £2400 after taking a reckless photo during the Running of the Bulls festival in Pamplona, Spain.

21. This teenager got kicked in the head from a passing train while posing for a selfie.

22. And maybe a tragedy like this could have been avoided, had the person in question not been so addicted to taking selfies.

23. Thanks to this YouTube video, we know exactly how weird people look when they are posing for selfies on their phone.

24. People, it's time to make a stand.

25. No longer can we sit idly by.

26. Together we can make this dream a reality.

27. The price of freedom is eternal vigilance.

28. Let's #banselfies in 2015.