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19 Things About Spain That British People Just Don't Get

Why do you eat dinner so late?

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This is what a mayor looks like in Spain.

Note for British people: Ada Colau has been mayor of Barcelona since June 2016, and is a former activist badass. This is her back in 2013, being arrested by riot police while protesting against debtors being evicted from their homes.


This is what a mayor looks like in Britain.

"@Channel4News: Boris Johnson celebrates winning the Uxbridge & South Ruislip seat earlier " Classic BoJo face #GE2015

Can we swap please?


7. How do you manage to be so laid back all the time?

Can't you be miserable, overworked and stressed like us?


11. Do you replay this moment in your heads constantly?

Franck Fife / AFP / Getty Images

OK, it was half a decade ago now, but if we were in your position, we would never shut up about it.

12. Do you ever feel "meh" about being blessed with such incredible architecture or does it still blow you away every time you see it?

15. If we do attempt to speak Spanish, should we do "the lisp" when we say words like gracias? / Mediapro

Or would you rather we didn't bother because it sounds so crap when we do it? Also, why do only some people lisp it and others don't?


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