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    The 28 Poshest Things That Have Ever Happened

    A different class.

    1. This birth announcement in The Times.

    2. And this one in the Telegraph.

    3. This complaint.

    Getty / Via

    4. This artist, number 20 in Tatler's list of "people who really matter."

    REX USA/Marcus Dawes / Rex / Via

    Though to be fair pretty much everyone in that list is staggeringly posh.

    (And a little bit mental).

    5. This menu, offered at a charity do attended by the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge.

    Chris Jackson / Getty

    6. This guy's diet.

    7. This response to a power cut.

    Fulham power cut and low on vino, had to resort to emergency supply of pudding wine. Thanks Mr P!

    Poppy Fox@fox_pops

    Fulham power cut and low on vino, had to resort to emergency supply of pudding wine. Thanks Mr P!

    10:14 PM - 1 Oct 13ReplyRetweetFavorite

    8. This agonising problem, shared by a young man on Twitter.

    Shuterstock / Via

    9. This holiday snap, Instagrammed by someone calling himself Prince Of Italy.

    10. This person floating face-down in a jacuzzi full of champagne bottles.

    11. This comment piece in The Telegraph.

    12. These ladykillers.

    13. This high-roller.

    14. This bar bill.

    15. This sentence uttered by a mum in Highgate.


    16. And this one.

    Shutterstock / Via Twitter: @Highgatemums

    As overheard by @HighgateMums.

    17. This golden bath tub.

    18. These bloody good blokes enjoying a day at the races.

    19. This product for sale in Waitrose.

    20. The idea that these products are in any way "essential".

    21. This man playing croquet while wearing red trousers.

    22. This spectator at a polo match. His name is Jacobi Anstruther-Gough-Calthorpe.

    Getty / Chris Jackson

    According to the Evening Standard he is a DJ/socialite who went to school with Prince William and works in the City for the Forbes Private Capital Group.

    23. This chap, who has been described as "Britain's most eligible bachelor."

    Getty/Chris Jackson

    He is The Hon. Drummond Money-Coutts, and he is a magician.

    24. This woman drinking champagne while sitting inside a designer label shopping bag.

    25. Whatever is going on here.

    26. This gathering.

    27. These absolute legends.

    28. And this velvet-covered Porsche.

    Jamie Lester/Haus Properties / Via Twitter: @jamielester