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    Phone Thief Unwittingly Uploads Photos Of Himself. Victim Seeks Awesome Revenge On Tumblr

    This is so cool.

    This is Hafid. He lives in Dubai, and he steals phones.

    How do we know?

    Because he's been taking photos of himself using a stolen phone - and unwittingly uploading them to the internet.

    And now the phone's original owner has sought a wonderful form of revenge, by creating a trolly Tumblr all about it.

    Allow the blog's author to explain.

    I turned on my computer and noticed fifteen new pictures inside my dropbox camera upload folder.

    Those of you who have the dropbox app know that camera upload is a function, which uploads the photos you take with your smartphone, as soon as you enter the internet. it's comparable to Fotostream or iCloud, but somehow different.

    Long story short: the thief of my smartphone didn't delete my dropbox app, not to mention my login data. that's why


    In other words...

    Cue lots of entirely justified acts of mockery, like this.

    And this.

    The author mocks Hafid's apartment.

    His dance moves.

    And his dress sense.

    It's so good. Read the whole thing at

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