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    27 People Having The Worst Summer Ever

    "Summertime, and the living is - ARGHHH."

    1. This guy.

    2. This unfortunate music festival camper.

    3. And this one.

    4. This one, too.

    5. These fellas.

    6. This delivery driver.

    7. This sun-worshipper.

    8. And this one.

    9. Him, too.

    10. These high-spirited revellers.

    11. This joker, whose fun has come to an abrupt end.

    12. This just-married couple.

    13. Any woman unlucky enough to be approached by this chap.

    14. The residents of this city.

    15. This acrobat.

    16. This guy, who immediately regrets this decision.

    17. This diving champ.

    18. And this one.

    19. And this one.

    20. The attendees at this bullfight.

    21. This adventure-seeker.

    22. And this one.

    23. This dad, whose family barbecue has not got off to the best of starts.

    24. And this one, who was never going to make that jump.

    25. These holidaymakers, who chose their parking spots poorly.

    26. This dude showing off on a pogo stick.

    27. And Chris Brown, seen here being attacked by a seagull.