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The 38 Most WTF Moments Of 2014

The year in weird.

1. This act of drunken exuberance.

2. The emergence of the asymmetric man thong as a beachwear trend — modelled here (left) by Bobby Norris from The Only Way Is Essex.

3. Who later followed it up with this bold sartorial statement.

4. When The Guardian unwittingly tweeted a picture of an aid worker's Fleshlight.

5. When Black Friday came to Britain and everyone went completely mental.


6. The discovery of this unexpectedly graphic moment in a children's book.

7. And this unsettling construction in a kids' playground.

8. The woman who suffers from six hours of orgasms a day.

9. And the man who claims he has 100 orgasms a day.

10. The Scottish woman who got a tattoo referencing the "broom broom" meme.

11. The man who severed a finger at a rave in East Croydon.

12. This teen.

13. This teen.

14. And this teen.

15. The company that thought it was a good idea to market a "sexy Ebola nurse" costume for Halloween.

16. And the woman who was so concerned about contracting Ebola, she wore a homemade hazmat suit to the airport. In Washington, D.C.

Lady just chilling at Dulles in her homemade Hazmat suit

17. This Mail Online headline.

18. And this question posed by the Daily Mail.

19. When someone waggled a dildo in a presenter's face on transfer deadline day.


20. When a typo led to Labour making this unexpected policy commitment.

21. When George Osborne turned up to PMQs looking a little worse for wear.

22. This David Cameron/Alex Salmond face swap.

23. The Colombian cycling team's outfit.

24. Burger King's decision to sell burgers with black buns in Japan.

25. This pregnancy announcement photo.

26. The cloud that looked like a penis.

27. The Milky Bar that looked like a penis.

28. The detail on a baby grow that looked like a penis.

29. The carton of buttermilk that looked like a penis.

30. When US Airways tweeted something unbelievably NSFW in response to a customer enquiry.

31. When Daniel Radcliffe was spotted walking an enormous group of dogs on the streets of New York.

32. The man who kept being spotted walking around Aldershot with a colander on his head.

33. The discovery that Craig David's watch does not tell the time.

34. This out-of-control hoodlum.

35. This touching display of devotion by a One Direction fan.

36. When Lady Gaga encouraged a fan to puke on her on stage.

37. This Amazon review of The Shining.

38. And this Christmas gift.

I think I should have left mams new vacuum in the box before wrapping it.