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    The 29 Most Useless Life Hacks You Will Ever See

    Awesomely underwhelming tips found in women's magazines. As compiled by Life Death Top Tips and Hero of Switzerland.

    1. Parents. Here's a clever way to save money on expensive doll's house accessories.

    2. Fed up of old boots cluttering the house? There's a solution for that.

    3. Tea drinkers. Stop wasting that boiling water. Do something useful with it instead.

    4. Clocks can be so boring. Here's a splendid way to give yours a touch more pizzazz.

    5. No one wants a grubby telephone. Here's how to avoid that nightmare scenario.

    6. Fashionistas. Stop throwing your money away on expensive "jewellery". Wear seeds round your neck instead.

    7. Elderly people. Can't get to the toilet? Consider doing your business in a bucket instead.

    8. Trendsetters. Here's how to transform your wardrobe without spending a penny.

    9. Safety first: Put armbands on your bath taps.

    10. Packaging foam is for idiots. Here's a smarter alternative.

    11. Home owners. Thwart burglars by keeping your valuables somewhere they'll never look.

    12. Who needs central heating? Remain toasty throughout winter with this clever tip.

    13. Feeling festive? Get the party started with some stones.

    14. Waste not, want not: Old bits of cereal can be combined into exciting new hybrids.

    15. Motorists. Never risk losing your car again. Tie a balloon to it at all times.

    16. Chilly hands? This should fix that.

    17. Grandparents. Save £££s on fancy shoes with this thrifty shortcut.

    18. Throwing a party? Now's your ironing board's time to shine.

    19. Holiday makers. Avoid splashing out on travel sickness medication. Give this a whirl instead.

    20. What kind of maniac throws old hair scrunchies away? They have so many uses.

    21. Stop leaving your loose change in a wallet or purse like a total moron. Consider this nifty alternative.

    22. Say goodbye to dirty keyboard woes with this ingenious tip.

    23. Bottle caps: Is there anything they can't be used for?

    24. Pregnant women. Why waste money on maternity wear when you can simply modify your existing wardrobe?

    25. Tired of being unable to remember events in your life? Try taking photos. Sounds crazy, but it works!

    26. Stop putting up with boring unadorned bins. You deserve a little glamour in your life.

    27. Commuters. You've been eating breakfast the wrong way your whole life.

    28. Just think of the money you've wasted on whisks over the years. Never again.

    29. Crisps? You're not made of money. Try this low-cost option instead.

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