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    The 16 Most Delightfully British Photos Of All Time

    Curated for BuzzFeed by Retronaut.

    1. A woman drinking tea during the Blitz.

    2. The Beatles riding donkeys at the seaside.


    Weston-Super-Mare, July 1963.

    3. Skinheads and hippies, Piccadilly Circus.

    Photographed by Terry Spencer, 1969.

    4. Ducks at Buckingham Palace.


    5. A London bus stops for a London bus.

    A postcard from the 1960s.

    6. A Rolls-Royce on Carnaby Street. / Via

    Photographed by Arby Reed, 1968.

    7. Space Hopper astronauts. / Via

    1970. Boys in a Glasgow back court show off their Christmas presents, which include astronaut suits and Space Hoppers.

    8. Covent Garden in the '60s.

    Photo by Clive Boursnell, © 2008 Market Photos Limited.

    9. Building the World Unicorn.

    Flickr: twm_news

    Wallsend shipyard, Tyneside in 1973. Via Tyne & Wear Archives & Museums.

    10. The Beatles play to eighteen people in Aldershot. / Via

    9th December, 1961.

    11. Hypnotised driver, Torquay.

    AP / Via

    "Hypnotist Henry Blythe, gives his daughter Sally, 17, advice before she starts a driving lesson at Torquay, England, January 15, 1960. Blythe says he hypnotizes her as he has some 40 other new drivers, all of whom have passed their test."

    12. Rockers go to church. / Via

    These are members of the The 59 Club, a motorcyle gang based in the East End of London. It started out as a Church of England-based youth club, and went on to play a key role in the birth of the "rockers" subculture.

    13. Carrots on sticks. / Via

    Photographed in 1941, when rationing meant children has to settle for less appetising treats than they were used to.

    14. A beggar runs alongside King George V’s coach. / Via

    Epsom Races, 1920. Photo via Nationaal Archief.

    15. Cricket in top hats.

    Mirrorpix /


    16. Brighton Swimming Club.

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