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    26 Kissing Disasters

    Warning: extreme awkwardness ahead.

    1. The "start of something beautiful" kiss.

    2. The "underage disco" kiss.

    3. The "no-one likes a show-off" kiss.

    4. The "disappointed bride" kiss.

    5. The virginal, "we probably should have practiced this" kiss.

    6. The "never mess with Will Smith" kiss.

    7. The "must we do this?" showbiz kiss.

    8. (And the political version).

    9. The "how is this supposed to work again?" celebrity kiss.

    10. The "visibly uncomfortable" Presidential kiss.

    (You see this variety all the time).

    11. The "I immediately regret this decision" awards show kiss.

    12. The "unwanted advance" kiss.

    13. The "unexpectedly tender sportsman" kiss.

    14. The "campaign trail" kiss.

    15. The rarely sighted "sexy plank" kiss.

    16. The "I have no idea what I'm doing" kiss.

    17. The always-challenging "three-way" kiss.

    18. The "not sure what to do with my tongue" kiss.

    Courtesy of 80s pop star Pete Burns.

    19. The regrettable "drunk at a fancy dress party" kiss.

    20. The "interrupted by a prankster" kiss.

    21. The "mum and dad's anniversary" kiss.

    22. The "startled baby" kiss.

    23. The "50 Cent invading your personal space" kiss.

    24. The "curiosity killed..." kiss.

    25. The never less than spectacular "overly attached sealion" kiss.

    26. And the once-in-a-lifetime "hopeful orangutan left hanging" kiss.