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    14 Insane Names Victorian Parents Actually Gave Their Kids

    It's unlikely anyone these days would call their child One Too Many, or That's It Who'd Have Thought It.

    Genealogy firm Fraser and Fraser uncovered the following names while looking for heirs to unclaimed estates.


    Neil Fraser, a partner at the firm, said in a press release:

    Our genealogists get to look through hundreds of thousands of birth, death and marriage records. Over the years we have picked out certain names which have amused us and we've made a note of them. It shows people in the 19th century had a great sense of humour.

    1. Friendless.

    Fraser and Fraser

    Friendless Baxter, a boy, was born in 1871.

    2. Faith Hope Charity.

    Fraser and Fraser

    Born in 1889. It might sound unusual to modern ears, but Hope wasn't a particularly uncommon name in the 19th century.

    3. Leicester Railway.

    Fraser and Fraser

    So named because he was born on a carriage at Leicester Train Station in 1863. Understandably, he dropped the "Railway" part later in life.

    4. Time Of Day.

    Fraser and Fraser

    Son of Thomas and Alice Day. This unusual title was a family tradition - both his Grandfather and Great Grandfather had the name.

    5. One Too Many.

    Fraser and Fraser

    Perhaps a sly reference to the circumstances of his conception? Choosing to call himself the preferable name of Robert W. Gouldstone instead, the man born One Too Many lived through both world wars, passing away aged 76.

    6. Windsor Castle.

    Fraser and Fraser

    Clearly a family with regal pretensions: her father's surname was Castle and her mother's maiden name was King.

    7. Zebra Lynes.

    Fraser and Fraser

    The daughter of James Lynes, a basket maker from Southampton. Born in 1875, she sadly passed away an infant.

    8. Ann Bertha Cecilia Diana Emily Fanny Gertrude Hypatia Iug Jane Kate Louisa Maud Nora Orphelia Quince Rebecca Starkey Teresa Ulysis Venus Winifred Xenophen Yetty Zeus

    Fraser and Fraser

    That's 25 names, one name beginning with each letter in the alphabet. You'll notice there's no P. That was reserved for her surname, Pepper.

    9. That’s It Who’d Have Thought It.

    Fraser and Fraser

    The child of Mr and Mrs Restell. He later changed his name to George.

    10. Mineral Girl Waters.

    Fraser and Fraser

    Mineral Girl was born in 1892 and had a number of siblings, including her sister, Virginia Waters. Sadly, Mineral died aged 23 during World War One.

    11. Allien.

    Lambert, son of William and Maria Lambert. Born in Chelsea, 1890.

    12. King Arthur.

    Johnson, born 1885 in Daventry, Northampton.

    13. Cleft.

    Megson, born 1842 in Horncastle, Lincoln. Son of John and Sophia Megson.

    14. Clifton Antivaccination.

    West, born 1879 in Medway, Kent.