In East Lyng, Somerset, The Flood Waters Have Reached People’s Front Door Knockers

This is getting surreal.

1. There’s a shop by the side of the A361 near East Lyng, Somerset. It used to look like this.

2. Now it looks like this.

G Bruce/

This photo was taken on February 11. The water levels are at approximately seven feet.

3. This is Lesley Webber, 52, standing outside her home in the same village.

Adam Gray/

4. Her house was built 120 years ago and has never flooded. Until now.

Adam Gray/

5. This is Lesley’s friend Chris Napier, 44, going for a stroll round the village.

Adam Gray/

6. He probably won’t be paying a visit to any of his neighbours any time soon.

Adam Gray/

7. The flood waters are now level with the door knockers.

Adam Gray/

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