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House Prices In The North Vs House Prices In London

It's cheap up north. Relatively speaking.

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£2.5m will get you a five-bedroom detached house in Starcroft, near Leeds. It boasts 6,200 sq ft of living space, two garages, a cinema room, and private landscaped gardens. Or you could buy this significantly less swanky three-bed mews house in Bayswater.


Up north, that kind of money will get you this seven-bedroom manor house, "one of the principal residences of the Saddleworth area." It has a side wing that could be converted into a separate property, as well as a 1.6 acre paddock. The London equivalent? A "light and airy" two-bed flat in Earls Court. And yes, this is the nicest photo of it we could find.



At the £100k level, up north you're looking at something like this two-bedroom house in Shipley. In London, meanwhile, that kind of money gets you a 10ft by 8ft studio flat. That's about the size of a snooker table. There is no room for a bed. Estate agent Matthew Vine said: "I can stand in the middle of the room and touch the walls! This is, however, a great little buy." Hmm.