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Here Are The Most Liked Facebook Statuses In The UK This Year

Jeremy Kyle, childcare tips and Mrs Brown's Boys. A surprising window onto what goes viral in Britain.

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So what have we learned?

It seems if you want to post something on Facebook that will get tens of thousands of Likes, you should bear in mind the following:

1. People respond to directness and emotional honesty. No room for sarcasm here.

2. You don't have to be concise. Some extremely popular statuses go on for hundreds of words.

3. It's of the stuff of everyday life that goes viral. Childcare, dating, illness - these are things everyone can relate to.

4. If you want Likes, don't be afraid to explicitly ask for them. It often helps.

5. A lot of people really, really love Mrs. Brown's Boys.

Note: all data comes from Facebook, and relates to Likes that originate in the UK. Some of the statuses in this list were posted abroad, but the Likes are British.