Going To Glastonbury: Expectations Vs. Reality

It's the world's greatest music festival. But it can also suck, sometimes.

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1. Buying a ticket online, months in advance

2. Pitching your tent

3. Good times with your best friends

4. Hedonistic abandon

5. Laid-back daytime drinking

7. Spotting glamorous celebrities backstage

9. The chance to witness one of those era-defining "Glastonbury moments"

10. Sleeping beneath the stars in a beautiful rural location

12. Getting back to nature

13. Meeting all sorts of free-spirited Glastonbury "characters"

14. Approaching the whole toilet thing with good humour and forbearance

15. Golden afternoons enjoying the action on the Pyramid Stage

16. Hitting the dance tent after the bands finish

17. Embracing the festival's hippie roots

18. An opportunity to escape mundane reality for one magical weekend

19. Leaving the site, energized and spiritually enriched, after the wildest party of your life