Facebook Went Down, And Everyone Freaked Out

There’s been a major outage across the world. Fortunately everyone has a sense of perspective on it.

1. There’s a problem with Facebook.

2. It is global.

3. This is a big deal.

This is the first time Facebook has suffered a widespread outage which has lasted for more than a few minutes.

Mark Zuckerberg, Facebook founder and chief executive was famously quoted as saying that the social network would never go down, it would never crash.

4. Fortunately everyone is keeping calm and not overreacting.

13. Oh well. There’s only one thing for it.


It’s back! Phew. We can all get on with our lives now.

15. It was a pretty harrowing few minutes, but together we made it through.

How did you cope during the great Facebook outage of 2014?

— BuzzFeed UK (@BuzzFeedUK)

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Luke Lewis is BuzzFeed's Head of European Growth and is based in London.
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