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    22 Extremely Disappointing Moments In The History Of Parking

    It's really not that difficult, people.

    1. The person who took three and a half minutes to exit this car park.

    (Calling to mind this memorable Austin Powers scene).

    2. The Belfast woman who took half an hour to parallel park in this space.

    Watch the full clip, if you can stand it.

    3. This boy racer, taking up three whole spaces.

    4. This exuberant soul, approaching a toll booth with just a touch too much eagerness.

    5. This snowplow mishap.

    6. This mystifying error of judgement.

    7. This graceful swan dive.

    8. This expression of rugged individualism.

    9. This ludicrously reckless but nonetheless quite impressive parking manoeuvre.

    10. This, seemingly the vengeful rampage of a maniac.

    11. This startling display of ineptitude.

    12. This hit-and-run.

    13. This, the only sensible reaction to being boxed in.

    14. The removals van from hell.

    15. The man who managed to run himself over.

    16. The complete cretin.

    17. This woman who couldn't find a parking space... so she created one.

    18. This total failure of spatial awareness.

    19. This guy.

    20. This, the berzerker approach to parking.

    21. This person, making it look so much harder than it needs to be.

    22. And this... I'm just not sure what this was person was trying to do, to be honest.

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