26 Creative Ways To Insult David Cameron On Twitter

Let’s hope he never checks his replies. NSFW language ahead.


@David_Cameron Turning it around for your chums eh CUNTYBOLLOCKS

— paul montague (@paul_montague)

@David_Cameron you fucking deluded spunktrumpet dishface fuckoff

— CHWIS (@whitesweed)

More jobs, opportunities and security - that's why today's growth figures are so important. #LongTermEconomicPlan

— David Cameron (@David_Cameron)

@David_Cameron Hard-working is FUCKING WELL HYPHENATED, you glistening, meat-faced dolt.

— Bao Bao (@fiatpanda)

It's unacceptable there's a loophole allowing paedophile "training manuals", that's why I want to protect children by making them illegal.

— David Cameron (@David_Cameron)

@David_Cameron now you want to make children illegal? You're a fucking idiot cockwomble

— Ems (@GayRoller2000)

Congratulations to the police - helping overall crime to fall 15% in 2013 in England & Wales. #CrimeIsFalling.

— David Cameron (@David_Cameron)

@David_Cameron your face is a crime

— (@cunt__fuck)

Voting Conservative on 22nd May is the only way to get #RealChangeInEurope - watch and share our new film: http://t.co/0x1oGb2kCF

— David Cameron (@David_Cameron)

@David_Cameron Bite a pylon, panface.

— Al Jahom (@AlJahom)

Talking to Ange at @Asda, a company announcing 12,000 new jobs and helping show our #LongTermEconomicPlan is working.

— David Cameron (@David_Cameron)

@David_Cameron @asda stop taking photos of you doing your job you thundercunt

— Jakeshaker (@Jakeshaker)

Great to meet the "Orange Army", and mark the re-opening of the vital Dawlish railway line after the storms.

— David Cameron (@David_Cameron)

.@David_Cameron A brief glimpse into a reptilian guantanamo future.

— Thundercock (@FatherWoland)

Visiting Birmingham International Airport where expansion will create 8,000 jobs #LongTermEconomicPlan

— David Cameron (@David_Cameron)

@David_Cameron Are they using your massive shiny face as a new runway?

— J.A.M.E.S (@RteeFufkin)

Labour wrecked the economy once, and now they want to do it all over again. Help stop them by RTing this film: http://t.co/ta9rNx1HJQ

— Conservatives (@Conservatives)

@Conservatives @David_Cameron Fuck off, Mr Potato Head

— Al Jahom (@AlJahom)

Tax relief for business investment doubled to 򣔀,000 today. ꎙ.8% of firms will pay NO tax on capital investment. #LongTermEconomicPlan

— David Cameron (@David_Cameron)

@David_Cameron Fuck off, Moontwat.

— Al Jahom (@AlJahom)

@David_Cameron Eat shit you flubber-faced, fraudulent, two faced cock weasel

— Brendan (@Brendan_Surrey)

Big tax changes this week are aimed at job creation. They're part of a #LongTermEconomicPlan creating security and opportunity for people.

— David Cameron (@David_Cameron)

@David_Cameron Suck a tailpipe you gammon faced douchebag

— Brendan (@Brendan_Surrey)

Incredibly proud of @ParalympicsGB, showing off their fantastic haul of medals at No10 this morning.

— David Cameron (@David_Cameron)

@David_Cameron And every damn one of them is more able than you, you vapid dish-faced media whore wankspangle

— Lyle (@LyleD4D)

The @sportrelief challenges range from the mad to the truly mad: from cycling 100 miles underwater to @jowhiley's 26 hours on a treadmill...

— David Cameron (@David_Cameron)

@David_Cameron You could do us all a favour by cycling 100 miles underwater with no oxygen supply, you sorry shitstain vomitpustule.

— Christine of Aaargh (@cdaargh)

@SirPatStew Talking to another US President, this time face to face, not on the phone.

— David Cameron (@David_Cameron)

@David_Cameron @SirPatStew everyone hates you Dave, even old Billy Bob you utter quimwiffle

— Clem Fandango (@InfectedPelvis)

@David_Cameron Fuck off Dishface

— shunt69 (@shunt69)

.@David_Cameron Fuck off dish face.

— Will (@WillMcHoebag)

@David_Cameron @Conservatives fuck off dish face

— Andy Parmo (@andyparmo)

@David_Cameron Fuckoff dishface!

— CHWIS (@whitesweed)

@David_Cameron @_StephensStory Fuck off dish face x

— Soap Distant (@StreetsOfTide)

@David_Cameron Fuckoff DishFace #fuckoffdishface

— Gareth Vickers (@vickershaft)

@David_Cameron ǝɔɐɟɥsı̣p ɟɟo ʞɔnℲ

— Chris Coulson (@chrisccoulson)

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