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12 Striking Charlie Hebdo Front Covers

Far from targeting Muslims in particular, the satirical newspaper has ridiculed everyone from English people to the Pope.


Charlie Hebdo / Via

"Sharia Hebdo" by David Sessions, 2011. It features a cartoon of "guest editor" the prophet Muhammad threatening readers with “100 lashes if you don’t die laughing!” The publication's offices were fire-bombed after it published this issue.


Charlie Hebdo / Via

The Pope tells a bishop to "Go into movies, like Polanski..." A comment on sex scandals in the Catholic Church, 2010.


Charlie Hebdo / Via

A Jew, the Pope, and an Islamic fundamentalist declare “Charlie Hebdo must be veiled!”, 2007.


Charlie Hebdo / Via

"But who wants English people in Europe?", 2007.


Charlie Hebdo / Via

"The father, the son, and the holy ghost". A comment on same-sex marriage, 2013.

6. / Via Charlie Hebdo

"Love is stronger than hate", featuring a man in Islamic attire kissing a Charlie Hebdo cartoonist, 2011.


Charlie Hebdo / Via

"The true history of baby Jesus".

8. / Via Charlie Hebdo

"Bin Laden lives!", May 2011.


Charlie Hebdo / Via

"Look no hands!" Bin Laden cover, published after 11 September 2001.


Charlie Hebdo

"Islamophobia: Should we be afraid of little Jesus?" Published in the wake of French laws banning religious symbols, such as veils, from schools, December 2010.


Charlie Hebdo / Via

"Untouchables. Must not mock them!", 2012.


Charlie Hebdo

“Muhammad overwhelmed by fundamentalists,” 2006. The quote in the speech bubble reads, "Its hard to be loved by idiots." The issue featured cartoons that caricatured the prophet Muhammed. Muslim groups sued, but Charlie Hebdo won the case in 2007.