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    A Squirrel Interrupted A Football Match, And It Was Pretty Delightful

    Rodent stopped play.

    December 21, Queens Park Rangers versus Leicester City: a fixture that will live in sporting infamy.

    Via Paul Gilham / Getty Images

    Play was stopped for five minutes following a pitch invasion from this fella.

    The ref demanded that swift action be taken.

    So Leicester City striker David Nugent went and sort of flapped his arms a bit, in a bid to shoo the creature off the pitch.

    "Yes, that ought to do it."

    But no! It's back!

    "Oh FFS."

    In the end, it took a second attempt to shepherd the recalcitrant rodent from the field of play.

    Turns out this has happened before.

    Via Twitter: @LoftySquirrel

    There was a squirrel invasion at the same ground in March 2012. Which led to the creation of this Twitter account. And now there is another one.

    Love you, Loftus Road Squirrel. Never change.

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