Some People Think The Woolwich Terror Attack Was Faked

Conspiracy theorists claim the murder was a false flag operation masterminded by the British government.

Following the terrorist murder of a soldier in South-East London, a number of Twitter users claim to have spotted inconsistencies in the official account of events, which they see as evidence of a cover-up.

“NWO” stands for New World Order.

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Too much blood on his hands? “@Deji95: “WOOLWICH FALSE FLAG” something doesn’t add up, everyone watch this 🙇🙇🙇”

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go on youtube and look up ‘woolwich attack hoax’, in the video, it all makes perfect sense as to why it’s fake

There is also a “Woolwich false flag” Facebook group. On it, Cherie Martin has posted a link to this blog post, entitled London Calling - Fake Terror Comes to London Town.

The MSM reports another ‘Terror’ attack. This time a beheading in London. But what is the truth of this incident? What does a critical observer see? Where is the blood on this man’s light colored jacket?

We are informed by the BBC that he and the other man were hacking at the victim for minutes on end in a visceral bloodbath. A large pool of blood can be seen in photographs taken looking down at the scene from above.

Other reports clearly state that the victim was beheaded. Both of the attackers should be covered in blood - not just their hands.

The conspiracy theories mostly converge on a particular video, which has been viewed 120,000 times on YouTube. It was uploaded by someone calling himself ANTISLAVEBOY.

Another video, posted by the same user, has had over 20,000 views.

A further video, uploaded by US-based user RevolutionNewz, asks the question: “London Beheading: Real or Hoax?”

It has attracted over 280 comments, many of them accusing the British government of having staged the attack in an attempt to whip up anti-Muslim sentiment.

A more detailed examination of the supposed “holes” in the official account of events appears on the blog From The Trenches World Report.

However, elements of the theory have been debunked by Alex Jones of Infowars. Usually the champion of conspiracy theories, rather than a debunker of them, he has posted a video on his PrisonPlanetLive YouTube channel.

In the clip, he dismisses the notion that blood was digitally added to one of the killer’s hands, pointing out that the “blood-free” version - supposedly the undoctored original - has, in fact, been digitally altered.

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