A Giant Insect Landed On James Rodriguez’s Arm When He Scored Against Brazil, And It Freaked Everyone Out

Most WTF moment of the World Cup so far.

1. The World Cup’s top scorer, Colombia’s James Rodriguez, scored a penalty against Brazil during his side’s quarter final defeat. Eagle-eyed viewers spotted something on his arm as he celebrated.

2. It looks like a MASSIVE LOCUST.

3. It landed on him before he took the penalty, and flew off shortly afterwards.

4. How utterly strange.

5. Is this normal in Brazil? It’s terrifying.

7. Everyone on Twitter’s pretty freaked out by it.

A giant insect landed on James RodrigueZ when he celebrated his goal! #COL

— Arsenal (@Goonerz1886)

8. Seen from another angle, it’s still monstrous.

James Rodriguez: "Say hello to my little friend..." #grasshopper #rteworldcup

— Ed Leahy (@Ed_Leahy)

9. Though I, for one, welcome our new insect overlords.


(Sadly Rodriguez’ penalty was too little too late. Brazil now proceeds to the semifinals after beating Colombia 2-1.)


A Brazlian commenter tells BuzzFeed she thinks the insect is not a locust but rather a type of cricket called an esperanza, otherwise known as a katydid.

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