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7 Private Islands That Cost Less Than A Flat In London

Well this is depressing.

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1. Price: £2.2 million

Savage Jungle in the Patagonia region of southern Chile calls to mind Jurassic Park, with its lush forests and towering cliffs. It's surrounded by majestic fjords and boasts no fewer than 26 waterfalls.


3. Price: £600,000

St. Bees Island is your archetypal South Pacific slice of heaven: azure seas, swaying palm trees, and heartstopping views. And not a soul around to spoil the peace.


4. Price: £625,000


This is Moute Iti, French Polynesia. 4,500 square metres of white-sand paradise, dotted with buildings constructed in local Tahitian style — all of them yours to own — and situated in the most beautiful part of the Bora Bora lagoon.

5. Price: £4.7 million / Via

Ariara is a beautiful, untouched tropical island in the Philippines. It's surrounded by a dazzling coral reef and offers complete privacy, despite being only 60 minutes by plane from the capital, Manila.


6. Price: £2.5 million

Big Gooseberry Island in Nova Scotia, Canada, boasts 50 acres, two homes, and a boathouse. Should the isolation get too much, there's a yacht club and golf course a short boat ride away. The brochure also promises, "mixed woods, an old 'Acadian Forest', open meadows, sea breezes and ocean views".

7. Price: £1.5 million


It might not be a tropical paradise, but Ailsa Craig, 10 miles off the Ayrshire coast, is still a pretty spectacular getaway with its four cottages, ruined castle, and status as a national sea bird sanctuary.

Price: £2 million

This two-bedroom flat on Marylebone High Street, by contrast, features little in the way of nesting seabirds — or wildlife in general for that matter — though if you're lucky you might spot an urban fox rooting through your bins.

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