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    7 Private Islands That Cost Less Than A Flat In London

    Well this is depressing.

    1. Price: £2.2 million

    Price: £3 million

    Then again, just a few hundred grand extra could get you this unfurnished three-bedroom flat in Baker Street. It's fully air-conditioned!

    2. Price: £2 million

    Price: £2.3 million

    Although, why live on an idyllic island of your very own, when for just a little more you could purchase a two-bed place in Kensington, with its own designated parking space? Amazing.

    3. Price: £600,000

    St. Bees Island is your archetypal South Pacific slice of heaven: azure seas, swaying palm trees, and heartstopping views. And not a soul around to spoil the peace.

    Approaching it by helicopter would look like this. You'd basically be Tony Stark.

    Price: £800,000

    4. Price: £625,000

    Price: £695,000

    But if Polynesia doesn't appeal, you could always go for this two-bed apartment on Wandsworth Green Road, a mere 10 minute's walk from enchanting Parsons Green.

    5. Price: £4.7 million

    Price: £5.5 million

    6. Price: £2.5 million

    Big Gooseberry Island in Nova Scotia, Canada, boasts 50 acres, two homes, and a boathouse. Should the isolation get too much, there's a yacht club and golf course a short boat ride away. The brochure also promises, "mixed woods, an old 'Acadian Forest', open meadows, sea breezes and ocean views".

    Price: £2.7 million

    Canada, though. So far away. Stump up another £200K and you could own this two-bed flat instead. It's undeniably tidy, and quite near Victoria Station.

    7. Price: £1.5 million

    Price: £2 million

    Happy flat-hunting, Londoners!

    Inspired by this community post.