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37 Things Only British People Will Find Amusing

*Wipes away patriotic tear.*

1. The realisation that the queen looks like Amy Winehouse if you draw a wig on her.

2. This delightful juxtaposition.

3. This splendid act of supermarket aisle trolling.

4. And this one.

5. This mug.

6. This news story in The Times.

7. This letter *to* The Times.

8. This commuter's tactic for alleviating boredom on the train.

9. These important real-life tales in Take a Break.

10. This example of social media engagement.

11. And this one.

12. This tree that looks like George from Rainbow.

13. This deeply romantic Valentine's Day personal ad.

14. This lovelorn request in Metro.

15. And this one.

16. This important item in the Daily Mail.

17. This England fan's Steven Gerrard tattoo.

Which looks oddly familiar.

18. This devastating typo, which might take you a while to spot.

19. This Olympian.

20. This important official.

21. This unfathomable mystery.

22. This hard-hitting Sunday Sport exclusive.

23. And this one.

24. This refreshingly honest MOT test report.

25. This claim by Eric Pickles.

26. This case of mistaken identity.

Really thought this was Ed Miliband !

27. This photo of Jeremy Clarkson as a little girl.

28. Private Eye's assessment of England's World Cup chances.

29. And The Telegraph's.

30. This comparison.

31. Danny Dyer's idea of "sophistication".

32. This weirdly pleasing cartoon.

33. This incredibly Scottish bus service.

34. This sporting moment.

35. This checklist.

36. This sober realisation.

37. And this, the most British sign that has ever existed.