32 People You'll Be Amazed Actually Exist

    Well done, humanity.

    1. This bright spark.

    2. This Jeremy Kyle Show guest, not the sharpest tool in the box.

    3. And this one.

    4. This teenager with a Boris Johnson tattoo on his leg.

    5. And this bloke with a massive Taggart tattoo on his back.

    6. This tireless firebrand.

    7. This dapper commuter.

    8. This London Underground passenger, aka the worst woman in the world.

    9. This weatherman, caught on camera giving someone the finger.

    10. This bold trendsetter, inventor of the "beardkini".

    11. This Scottish chap with a vendetta against a fish and chip shop.

    12. This exhibitionist.

    13. This political candidate.

    14. This guest on This Morning.

    15. This chap, who seems to be struggling with the concept of "trousers".

    16. This Londoner pissing out the window of a moving bus.

    17. This fella, quite possibly the drunkest man in Britain.

    18. (Apart from this one).

    19. This old-timer.

    20. The hapless author of this letter to the editor.

    21. This optimist who spent £3000 on plastic surgery in a bid to look like Ryan Gosling.

    22. The One Direction fan responsible for this artistic tribute.

    23. This clairvoyant.

    24. This elected official.

    25. This baseball player.

    26. This worse-for-wear wedding guest.

    27. This festival-goer, who doesn't know how a urinal works.

    28. This motorist, whose parking skills leave a little to be desired.

    29. The author of this, the angriest Daily Mail reader letter ever written.

    30. This reveller.

    31. A man on the tube dressed as a tomato.

    32. And this parkour enthusiast.