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29 People Who Make You Proud To Be British

Heroes, one and all.

1. This Scottish sign operator.

2. The landlord responsible for this chalkboard.

3. Whoever runs this Twitter feed.

4. The enterprising salesman who tried to flog this item of Britpop merchandise.

5. The teenagers who were kicked out of McDonald's for doing this.

6. And the classy souls who did this on the tube.

7. The titan of journalism responsible for this scoop.

8. The health and safety officer who posted this helpful tip.

9. This right-minded coffee shop owner.

10. This punning labourer.

11. The hairdresser who up dreamt up this special offer.

12. The graffiti artist who did this.

13. The England rugby player who did this behind David Cameron's back.

14. This highly respected scientist, whose work no doubt benefits the entire nation.

15. The inspired time-waster who decided to put the claim "We buy any car" to the test.

16. This Twitter user, responding to the PM.

17. And this one responding to EDL leader Tommy Robinson.

18. The London Underground employee responsible for this demotivational message.

19. Lee Dixon, who knows how to name an owl.

20. Everyone who responded sarcastically to Jaffa Cakes' attempt at soliciting Facebook "engagement".

21. Whoever wrote this apology in The Sun.

22. The BBC newsreader who accidentally picked up some photocopier paper instead of an iPad — and then just went with it.

And the internet heroes who turned his misfortune into a meme.

23. The peerless champ who penned this travel information notice.

24. The Sherlock fan responsible for this fan art.

25. The magnificent human being who put up this lost pet poster.

26. This hard-as-nails cab driver, perhaps the most Scottish man of all time.

27. Ricky from Eastenders, purely for the time he photobombed Chris Brown.

28. Terry Pratchett, for wearing this T-shirt.

29. And this suburban topiarist.