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    24 Visions Of The Future That Never Came To Pass

    Come on, 21st century. Where are the hover cars, space dogs and robot butlers we were promised? Photos via Retronaut.

    1. Space travel would be so ubiquitous, we'd need space suits for our pets.

    2. Everyone would wear radio hats.

    3. In fact, we'd have radios in everything. Including our bikes.

    4. And our pipes.

    5. We'd all drive cars shaped like teardrops.

    6. That's if we weren't already zooming around in hover cars.

    7. And riding giant mechanical tricycles.

    8. In fact, the humble bike would be reinvented in endlessly creative ways. Monocycle, anyone?

    9. Why let a river stand in your way? Amphibious bicycles would surely be a thing.

    10. Goodbye 'getting the bus'. Hello 'lumbering to your destination in this needlessly complicated contraption'.

    11. Life would be a breeze, since we'd have steam-powered robots to do our bidding.

    12. We'd even be able to socialise with them.

    13. We'd have no need for phone books, because all the information would be stored on our watches.

    14. No point in expensive spa treatments, either. We'd all be wearing sauna trousers at home.

    15. Summer holidays would be a thing of the past, too. We'd tan via vending machines.

    16. Propellors on everything!

    17. Including trains!

    18. Cruise ships would be devastatingly badass.

    19. Commuters would take to the skies.

    20. Work would be a breeze, since we'd all communicate by "radio newspaper".

    21. Then the business man of the future would cruise home by hot air balloon.

    22. Stroll through the door of his perfectly spherical house.

    23. And relax in a spotless white living room with his weirdly anonymous, white-clad spouse.

    24. And at the weekend? Why, a spot of motorised surfing, of course.

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