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    15 Reasons To Bloody Love Wales

    There's lovely.

    1. The breakneck pace of local news.

    2. The powerful sense of civic pride.

    3. The sense of being somewhere properly rural.

    Even if that can occasionally cause problems.

    4. The public amenities.

    5. The impressively cavalier attitude towards the emergency services.

    6. The helpful bilingual signs you see everywhere.

    The one on the left refers to "bladder inflamation". The one on the right, confusingly, says "look left".

    7. The language.

    Which can initially seem intimidating to outsiders.

    But is pretty straightforward once you get used to it.

    8. The place names.

    Which are rich in cultural significance, and not to be mocked under any circumstances.

    9. The debonair sense of style exhibited by the inhabitants.

    10. As well as their talent for spinning yarns.

    Not to mention their love of animals.

    (Even if it can sometimes seem a little uninformed).

    11. The way Welsh people good-naturedly put up with that stereotype.

    12. The man candy.

    13. The florid and eloquent graffiti.

    14. The high-calibre celebrity gossip.

    15. And the endless attractions for tourists.