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    14 Rage-Inducing Photos Of People "Parking Like Twats"

    The delightfully misanthropic Facebook group that shames crappy parkers.

    1. Spotted: Parking Like A Twat encourages members to post photographic evidence of terrible parking.

    2. Like this.

    3. And this.

    4. Range Rovers seem to figure quite heavily.

    5. As do sports cars.

    6. There are loads of sports cars.

    7. See?

    8. The police, it seems, are particularly guilty.

    9. As are people who definitely ought to know better.

    10. Though admittedly some of the examples seem a little harsh.

    11. Each week, the most heinous example is singled out.

    12. There's even an e-commerce element. The page admin is selling these window/bumper stickers for £3 a pop.

    13. The success of the page has inspired a number of regional variants.

    14. But the sentiment behind each one is always exactly the same.

    More at H/t Mail Online.