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    13 Outrageously Beautiful Paris Apartments You Can Rent On AirBnb

    You can't afford them. But you can dream.

    1. This huge, stylish duplex in Montorgeuil – $1,221 per night


    This luxurious four-bedroom pad – which is flooded with natural light thanks to its 10 skylights – features a cinema room and a gym/spa in the basement. It's situated right in the heart of Paris, close to the Louvre and 10 minutes walk from Place de la République.

    2. This three-bedroom apartment in Saint-Germain – $2,220 per night


    Rent this ludicrously high-end home and the hosts will throw in luxury toiletries and give you a pre-pay iPhone to use during your stay. Which, for this kind of money, is frankly the least they can do.

    3. This uber-luxe place with its own frickin sauna – $2,775 per night


    What else do you get for that eye-watering fee? Not a great deal: It's only two bedrooms, but you're paying for proximity to the Champs-Elysées, as well as the swanky design, which is the work of "noted interior designer" Superb Haussmann.

    4. This converted printing house near Centre Pompidou – $4,018 per night

    Via Superb Haussmann

    Sure, it's centrally located and there's a home cinema and gym, but the real USP of this place ought to be obvious: It looks cool as fuck.

    5. This three-storey villa in the 14th arrondissement – $3,330 per night


    With space for ten people and a huge garden terrace, this louche pad is all high ceilings and art deco design touches. It also boasts an overhead projector, which you wouldn't think is the kind of detail that attracts the moneybags international elite, but there it is.

    6. This apartment with a spiral staircase and massive roof terrace – $999 per night


    It's a stone's throw from the Arc de Triomphe and looks like a Bond villain's lair – I'm sold.

    7. This four-bedroom apartment with a view of the Eiffel Tower – $998 per night

    It's pretty unremarkable inside, but to reiterate, it has a view of the Eiffel Tower. Imagine how smug you'd feel waking up here.

    8. This arty apartment overlooking the Place Vendome – $2,220 per night


    The ideal place to stay if you want to explore the major museums (the Louvre, the Orsay Museum, the Museum of Decorative Arts) before reclining in lah-di-dah splendour with up to seven companions.

    9. This house with a swimming pool near the Parc des Princes – $2,220 per night


    The swanky-as-fuck accommodation option if you want to experience the French Open like a high-roller – it's a short stroll from the Roland Garros stadium.

    10. This place on the goddamn Champs Élysées, with gorgeous art on the walls – $1,094 per night


    After an exhausting day doing tourist stuff, return here to rest and reflect on the fact that a wealthy landlord is raking in thousands of dollars from you without lifting a finger.

    11. This second-floor apartment with a stunning view – $1,221 per night


    Imagine gazing out of those windows, pouting enigmatically, and thinking incredibly profound French thoughts.

    12. This apartment with an outrageously large roof terrace – $1,332 per night

    Enjoy 180° views of Parc Monceau with up to 40 guests: That's how big this roof terrace is. The listing stipulates no pets, which makes sense because you don't want a Jack Russell curling one out on interiors as immaculate as this.

    13. This 19th-century chateau in Versailles – $1,104 per night


    Built in 1825 and restored in 2007, this mansion sleeps 16 and is surrounded by three acres of parkland: enough space to land a helicopter in, according to the blurb. You do own a helicopter, right?

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