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From The San Diego Comic-Con Glimpse Of "It: Chapter 2", It's Going To Be The Scariest Thing And I Am Not Ready

Let's float, again.

It, the 2017 adaptation of Stephen King's chilling novel, took the world by storm upon its release and got everyone talking.

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And cowering in fear, let's be real.

Now It: Chapter 2 is in the works, which is set for a September 2019 release, and everyone is super hyped.

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The cast for the grownup Losers' Club is seriously amazing and we've already been treated to some brilliant social media teases from Jessica Chastain – who will be playing the adult version of Beverly Marsh

Passing of the red balloon... @ITMovieOfficial πŸ“Έ shaunwatson

The red balloon that haunts everyone's nightmares!

I have chills.

Well, yesterday at the second ever Scare Diego at San Diego's Comic-Con, people were treated to an exclusive 'lil clip of the new film.

#IT Chapter 2 behind the scenes sneak peek at #ScareDiego.

So exclusive that it's nowhere to be seen online *cries*.

Andy Muschietti, the director of both It films, wasn't able to attend due to filming, but he appeared in the video and teased everyone as to what to expect.

The video showed a table reading, and then the first glimpse anyone's had at the sequel – the Losers' Club all grown up at a Chinese restaurant.

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Which has me dead because in the novel and the miniseries, this is the first time the club's reunited since their pact as kids, so yanno, it's a damn important scene.

It does seem like Bill Hader, playing Richie Tozier, is the one who stole the show.

From the tiny, tiny bit of IT Chapter 2 we saw, I’m calling it now: Bill Hader will steal this movie

Thank you!!! And Bill Hader is Richie 😭😭😭😭😭😭 I love it soo much

And now fans are thirsty af for a glimpse at this video, or even a full-on trailer!!

I want to see some IT chapter 2 footage so bad, or maybe even a new trailer

anyways im so excited for IT chapter 2

I just want to see that IT chapter 2 footage. Please oh god please.

It's safe to say that everyone's pretty excited – we need to be terrified ASAP, please.

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