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    Britney Spears Hinted Her New Perfume Is Gender Neutral And People Are Loving It

    It's Britney's prerogative to be scentsational.

    Britney Spears, an amazing pop-princess who has given us many gems throughout her career, is releasing a 24th (Yes, 24th!) perfume called Prerogative – an obvious reference to her 2004 hit single.

    Elizabeth Arden / Via

    She dropped the news in standard Britney fashion – by releasing a sexy AF commercial on Instagram, which sees her spraying a rather attractive man with her perfume.

    But what sets this perfume apart from her others, is that she describes it as "a fragrance for all".

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    Many fans have taken this to mean that it's gender-neutral and they're VERY excited!


    Like, super super excited!

    Yas @britneyspears coming out with a gender neutral fragrance! For EVERYONE!!! LOVE LOVE LOVE #MyPrerogative #BritneySpears

    Although, some have commented that they would have worn it regardless of who it was "for".

    @Merceda2292 If a scent smells good and is marketed towards me, I could give a f*ck less if it’s also marketed towards women. More money for Britney!

    But others have praised her inclusivity.

    Inclusive queen

    And it's also inspired some amazing art!

    Ok I know Im a flop and it sucks but here's a little doodle I did for my queen @britneyspears #MyPrerogative

    And as excited as everyone is, people are dying for new music so please drop some soon Britney, please.

    Britney looks fucking fierce in this new perfume commercial, BUT there is a part of me that is dying inside because I know now there isn’t a music video for a new single yet.


    Jive / Via

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