17 Apps That Are A Much Better Idea Than The Million Dollar App “Yo”


1. YO? - Sends the word ‘Yo,’ but to a complete stranger.

2. MEH - Only sends the word ‘Meh.’ Very popular in the UK.

3. JO - Can send any message, but only to people named Jo.

4. CROW - A crow immediately flies to the recipient with a message. That message is ‘Yo.’

5. BRO - Sends the word bro, then adds the user to a database that can be cross-checked by potential employers.

6. BEAU - Is automatically and irreversibly installed on every French person’s phone, allowing the rest of the world to send them ‘Yo’ continually. They cannot respond in any way.

7. LO - Automatically sends an announcement to any room you are about to enter, thunderously exclaiming ‘LO!’ as you open the door.

8. HO - App created by Ludacris, which will return the area code of the person you are currently talking to on Tinder.

9. HOE - Hits someone over the head with a hoe.

10. YEAUX - Hipster Yo. Can only be installed on one phone before being removed from the app store.

11. HOW - A way to express the fact that the world confuses you.

12. WHY - Claims to be a way to alert people to something bad that’s happened to you, but actually just responds with LOL.

13. THOREAU - Sends Henry David Thoreau quotes. But not good ones, just mundane extracts from his personal correspondance.

14. MERLOT - Instantly provides you with a sub-par bottle of Merlot.

15. PHO - Does not provide Pho, but instead sends pictures of other people eating Pho.

16. YOLO - Gives the recipient a deep understanding of their place in the universe, filling with them a sense of ennui and the acknowledgement of their un-fullfilled potential.

17. HODOR - Sends the word Hodor.

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Luke Bailey is a senior editor for BuzzFeed UK and is based in London.
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