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    34 Struggles Everyone Who Works In An Office Will Relate To

    It's fine, we're all in this together.

    1. First off, the caffeine addiction is completely unavoidable.

    2. There's a good chance the office will be so terrifyingly cold that you actually have to wear gloves.

    3. Or so disgustingly hot you have to sit dangerously close to the fan.

    4. You develop an office voice, and you're worried it's spilling out into your actual life.

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    5. Thursday night will always take a little more out of you than you anticipate.

    6. Awkward elevator moments are far, far too frequent.

    This is why you take the stairs. And not to die of a heart attack, sure, but mostly the awkward thing.

    7. And you'll hear this question way too many times on Monday.

    8. The politics of birthday cakes - who wants to be judged for eating all the cake?

    Or for not eating it.

    9. At some point you will have to work late, staring at stacks of files as they slowly mock you.

    You'll swear it'll never happen again, BUT IT ALWAYS DOES.

    10. Co-workers can be terrible at clearing up, and it will stress you intensely.

    11. Making sure your lunch stays yours is a battle.

    12. And the food conflict extends to the microwave as well.

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    13. There's always a person who types SO GODDAMN LOUD.

    14. Over time you hear way too much about your co-workers lives.

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    15. You'll definitely hear that one noisy eater every single lunch time as well.


    16. Because all your lunches will be eaten at your desk, and it will be sad.

    17. But eventually you realise you've just resorted to all-snack-everything.

    18. There will probably be a period when you'll have to deal with a work crush.

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    Which may well end badly.

    19. There's always someone coming along with a "fun" idea that makes you cringe just a bit.

    20. Has a conference call ever solved anything? Really?

    21. The inescapable tyranny of 'Let It Go' is in the office as well.

    22. Printers just hate everyone.

    23. And co-workers don't help the situation.

    24. At some point you realise that everything you own is in the drawer by your desk.

    Why do you even have your own house?

    25. Any nice treats will be destroyed by someone.

    26. It's probably the same person that really creeps you out.

    27. Meetings cause problems even when you're not in them.

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    28. Though when you are in them it's pretty frustrating as well.

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    29. Because meetings will drag on FOREVER.

    30. Emails from the person right next to you who could just stand up and use their words, are a continual annoyance.

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    31. Even the stationery is against you.

    32. And you never get the resources you need.

    33. Though when you do make work friends, it can be the best.

    34. And eventually, you get to go home!