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28 Pictures That Show How Different Yorkshire And Everywhere Else Is

A whole other world.

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1. Wedding cakes everywhere else:

Nuiiko / Getty Images

2. Wedding cakes in Yorkshire:

3. Gardens everywhere else:

Naumoid / Getty Images

4. Gardens in Yorkshire:

5. Pub dogs everywhere else:

6. Pub dogs in Yorkshire:

7. Or, pub dogs in Yorkshire:

8. Ice cream weather everywhere else:

Wavebreakmedia Ltd / Getty Images

9. Ice cream weather in Yorkshire:

10. Cocktails everywhere else:

11. Cocktails in Yorkshire:

12. Burgers everywhere else:

13. Burgers in Yorkshire:

14. Doner kebab everywhere else:

Yucelerkan / Getty Images

15. Doner kebab in Yorkshire:

16. Gambling everywhere else:

17. Gambling in Yorkshire:

18. Traffic problems everywhere else:

Maurice Van Der Velden / Getty Images

19. Traffic problems in Yorkshire:

20. Traffic problems in Yorkshire (part 2):

21. Town squares everywhere else:

22. Town squares in Yorkshire:

23. Street names everywhere else:

Maxozerov / Getty Images

24. Street names in Yorkshire:

25. Experimental food everywhere else:

26. Experimental food in Yorkshire:

27. Pub garden weather everywhere else:

28. Pub garden weather in Yorkshire:

Maria Terron