17 Things Everyone Waiting For Exam Results Will Understand

    Yay, important life-altering things are about to happen!

    1. You wake up every morning thinking about your results.

    2. But you keep realising that you have at least one more day to be nervous.

    3. Even taking a holiday didn't really distract you.

    4. You don't understand how the "bell curve" of marks work, but you're hoping it'll somehow help you out.

    5. You're completely ready to explain how the exams were marked very harshly, and that actually the boundaries were so high this year.

    6. Or that the invigilators were really distracting, and frankly, it's not surprising that you didn't do well.

    7. Or basically any excuse at all. Really, anything.

    #resultsdayexcuses The person in front of me shat himself and I couldn't bear it so I failed.

    #resultsdayexcuses it's the taking part that counts

    #resultsdayexcuses 'I was lowering the grade boundaries for everyone else'

    8. Everyone you know won't stop asking you about them, and it is not helping your stress levels.

    9. Your failure to revise during half-term means you really relate to Ross.

    10. You've started to read up on people who did amazingly at life, without needing to pass all their exams.

    11. But then you remember Emma Watson exists.

    12. You're still not over the fact that this is how your exams actually happened.

    13. You're not sure if you actually want to check your results when they come online.

    14. Your immediate reaction to your results will look something like this.

    15. Though you're also pretty convinced that this will need to be your long-term plan when you finally get your results.

    16. Sometimes, you forget that you're about to get this incredibly important result, and then you suddenly remember.

    17. But basically, you're convinced it'll all be fine!