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Posted on Oct 13, 2015

29 Photos That Prove The Entire World Is Against You

It's hard out there when everything is against you.

1. Vending machines are against you.

2. Jenga is so against you it doesn't even make sense any more.

3. Beer is against you.

4. Cans are against you more than you even could have imagined.

5. Toilets are against you.

6. Bascially everything is against you.

7. Because life is this bag of Starburst with only yellow ones.

8. It's this one tiny thing out of place.

9. It's this tragic can.

10. Life is this tragic can as well.

11. It's this messed-up toilet roll.

12. It's this saddest bottle of wine.

13. Life is this milk you can't even get at.

14. Meanwhile, people do this, and that just proves that everything in the world is against you.

15. People do this.

16. People do this.

17. The world is against you because people think this is fine.

18. The world is against you because of this spider.

19. And this one.

20. This can is against you as well.

21. These scissors don't care about you.

22. This spoon has no concern about you.

23. And neither does this fork.

24. This packet actively hates you.

25. And so does this can.

26. The world is against you because blue Pepsi actually exists.

27. The world is against you because all the eggs never fit.

28. The world is against you because this can actually happen to an ice cream cone.

29. And finally, the world is against you because Nokia phones can actually be broken, and that means you simply can't trust anything any more.

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