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    33 Reasons The South-West Is The Worst Part Of Britain

    Cider and sea and cities, who wants that?

    1. Let's start with Somerset. Why would anyone ever want to go there?

    2. It's just so very meh.

    3. Nothing exciting happens there.

    4. Nothing striking at all.

    5. It's much the same for Dorset. No-one wants to be there.

    6. You can't see anything cool.

    7. This early morning light playing across the mist and fields of Dorset is just vomit-inducing.

    8. Devon has nothing spectacular.

    9. There is just nothing to look at.

    10. No hauntingly beautiful spaces at all.

    11. Even the sunrises are rubbish.

    12. The moors in Cornwall are just as ugly.

    13. And there's not much else to recommend it.

    14. It's just a waste of time going down there, when there's nothing to see.

    15. And what are you going to do? Surf? You can't do that in Cornwall.

    16. Actually, there's basically nowhere on the coastline you'd enjoy going to.

    17. Nothing interesting by the coast.

    18. No-one really wants to hang out here.

    Photo by Tom Tolkien.

    19. Just no.

    20. Even the psuedo West Country countries like Wiltshire are a bit crap.

    21. There's no point in visiting it, or that other sort-of-West Country county of Gloucestershire.

    22. The food's not that great.

    23. Nah.

    24. And of course, the West Country has nothing nice to drink.

    25. The sharper, keener flavours of West Country cider are just unneccessary.

    26. And the pubs aren't even very tempting.

    27. They just don't have anywhere nice to sit.

    28. Same goes for the villages. They're just all so bland.

    29. No character at all.

    30. The cities aren't much better.

    31. Getting drunk on a boat? Hmmm.

    32. You don't really want to see any exciting street art, do you?

    33. No-one needs to see this.

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