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    24 Ways To Really Piss Off A Welsh Person

    Os gallwch chi ddarllen hwn, mae'n debyg y byddwch yn mwynhau yr erthygl.

    1. Referring to "the valleys" as a shorthand for all of Wales.

    2. Referring to The Valleys as a shorthand for all Welsh people.

    3. Declaring that no one actually speaks Welsh.

    4. Mentioning a time when Wales was beaten by England.

    5. "That's in England, right? Like, basically in England?"

    6. Telling them to sing.

    7. Talking about how good 4G is, when most of Wales struggles to get 2G.

    8. Thinking "I'm not going to lie to you" actually has any relation to not lying to you.

    9. Alain Rolland.

    10. Making a comment about a general "Welsh" accent.

    11. Imitating a Welsh accent.

    12. Failing to appreciate the late-night wonder that is Chip Alley.

    13. Mentioning Fiji 2007.

    14. Dismissing Welsh food as just toasties.

    15. Assuming if your dad wasn't a miner, he was a farmer.

    16. And assuming if it wasn't either of those, your father was Tom Jones.

    17. Not saying thanks to Drive.

    18. "Boyo."

    19. Thinking everywhere must be very near Cardiff.

    20. Not agreeing that Shane Williams is god.

    21. Complaining about the toll to get into Wales.

    22. Driving any sort of farm machinery. Slowly.

    23. Sheep puns. Any, and all, sheep puns.

    24. Trying to claim that any other place in the world could ever be better.