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21 People That You Probably Unfriended On Facebook In 2014


1. The person who posted every single ALS Ice Bucket Challenge video they saw.

Facebook: Cristiano

And not even the fails. The actual ones.

2. The person who is always playing Candy Crush. After all this time.

Relativity Media

3. The friend who had a baby this year and now only posts pictures of said baby. / Via

IT LOOKS EXACTLY THE SAME AS IT DID YESTERDAY. Why do you need even more photos?

4. The old classmate from school who suddenly gained an awful lot of ill-conceived political opinions. / Via

About Ferguson. Or Russell Brand. Or Obama. Usually Obama.

5. The person who wouldn't shut up about Serial. / Via

I don't care if it's a seminal moment in the history of podcasts, I'm not listening to it!

6. That friend who still threatens to delete their account every few days.

7. That acquaintance who suddenly discovered you could post all your Instagrams to Facebook, and added every single one of their intensely "meh" shots to Facebook.

FOX / Via

8. Or the friend who only ever seems to post selfies.

Ellie Woodward / BuzzFeed

9. The person who kept giving out Game of Thrones spoilers seconds after an episode ended AND BEFORE YOU'D HAD A CHANCE TO SEE IT.

HBO / Via

10. Ditto The Walking Dead.


We're looking at you, AMC...

11. Also, the people who'd read the Game Of Thrones books and had no care for your show-watching.

HBO / Via

12. The person who has somehow ended up in a competition that depends on votes, and is desperately begging their friends to help bump them slightly further up the list.

NBC / Via

13. The one who kept posting "Social Experiment" videos that were clearly fake, or just straight-up abuse.

14. And of course, the friend posting news stories that just don't seem remotely true.

Remember, everything on the internet is a lie. Also, David C. Bell has been doing God's work over at Cracked, and debunking basically everything like this.

15. The chronic over-hashtagger.

The Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon / / Via

16. That one dude who was suddenly posting lots of links about "ethics in journalism".

VH1 / Via

17. The health fanatic who has just discovered a running app, and uses it obsessively.

Which should be annoying for the frequency, but is actually just annoying for the fact that they're clearly exercising much more than you.

18. The person who always seems to be on holiday, and is basically making your life look very grey and tedious in comparison.

Thinkstock /

19. The person who suddenly became incredibly interested in the World Cup, despite having shown no interest in football before.

Univision / Via

Often leading to some very odd theories about exactly why the concept of a False 9 was so flawed.

20. Or the person who suddenly acquired five extra nationalities so they could support Brazil, Belgium, Germany, Costa Rica, and Bosnia simultaneously.

NBC / Via

21. And of course, anyone who is still making cryptic statuses.