23 Tweets That Will Make You Laugh Like Fuck

Make tweets great again.

1. This proof that high fashion is everything.

2. Finally, an explanation.

3. This dog might be haunted.

4. Unlike this one, who is living her best life.

5. There are questions here.

6. This might just be the greatest Uber arrival of all time.

7. Well, except for this one.

8. If a toilet can get engaged, your life is sure to work out!

9. And Pepsi is totally OK as well.

10. This is a bold move.

11. Whereas this is just an unapologetically great move.

12. This is more of a tragically disappointing move.

13. If you drink, this might be familiar.

14. Seeing this the next day probably isn’t though.

15. Cats are such a gift.

16. They really, really are.

17. As is Kanye West. And MCR, tbf.

18. This is a perfect excuse that is legit to use well into your twenties, right?

19. This is too real.

20. This is both real and dark.

21. And this is way too dark.

22. Just remember that Canada is somehow a real country, and that is beautiful.

23. Though not beautiful enough to save us this year.

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Luke Bailey is a senior editor for BuzzFeed UK and is based in London.
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