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    31 Times Tumblr Was The Most Relatable Place On The Internet

    Everyone has these very major problems in their lives.

    1. When they explained why friends were so important.

    2. When they demonstrated your problem with growing up.

    3. When someone underestimated the importance of a diet.

    4. When this sartorial grievance was expressed.

    5. When someone made this historical realisation.

    6. When this dog achieved.

    7. When they expressed the truth of people who have actual hobbies.

    8. When they realised the flaws in Garfield.

    9. When someone pointed out why Tuesday totally shouldn't be allowed to be a thing.

    10. When politeness ruled the day.

    11. When someone figured out what fireworks actually were.

    12. When fireworks weren't actually fireworks.

    13. When a really, really good idea happened.

    14. When your life goals were captured.

    15. When this crisis was addressed.

    16. When some people figured out what your life story will be.

    17. When they figured out why meeting other people's parents was so stressful.

    18. When this dog perfectly summed up your opinion.

    19. When someone neatly expressed your inner darkness.

    20. When they nailed how you actually eat.

    21. When they nailed your life goals.

    22. When they nailed your fashion sense.

    23. When this crisis happened.

    24. When this theory about exactly why mornings are so bad happened.

    25. When they failed to understand how the legal system really worked.

    26. When they figured out why you shouldn't use cliches.

    27. When someone nailed your dating problems.

    28. When someone realised you might be in a video game.

    29. When it explained how you listen to music.

    30. When the aging process was neatly defined.

    31. When someone came up with this fundamental truth.

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