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    28 Plants That Completely Forgot How To Plant

    We trusted you trees, what the hell are you doing?

    1. This vine got really confused and then just got angry with a grape.

    2. This tree couldn't figure out which way was up.

    3. This tree eventually did... but it took a while.

    4. This tree was puzzled, and grew a combination of an orange and a lemon.

    5. This tree decided to grow around another tree.

    6. This strawberry wanted to be a butterfly instead.

    7. This tree has gotten completely confused and decided to pursue different artistic directions.

    8. This plant couldn't decide what it wanted to be when it grew up.

    9. This tree appears to have melted.

    10. This lemon just had no idea what was happening.

    11. This tree got a bit dizzy.

    12. These two trees have finally decided to get together, and share custody of a branch.

    13. This tree decided to grow on an wall. Behind paint.

    14. These flowers decided to grow in the same place.

    15. These pink and blue flowers really don't see colour.

    16. This street where the trees are clearly members of two different street gangs.

    17. This lemon decided to go to the other side of the bug zapper and almost definitely regrets it.

    18. This vine followed its dreams to become a tree.

    19. This tree got hungry and decided to eat a sign.

    20. This tree split up, then got back together, then split up again.

    21. This tree forgot what 'underground' meant.

    22. This tree fell over, but refused to give up.

    23. This tree really made life hard for itself.

    24. This flower probably really regrets this decision.

    25. This plant that seems to think that cigarette lighter is a totally appropriate home.

    26. These trees that decided they were better together.

    27. This tree that got completely confused by a permanently lit street lamp.

    28. This tree that got tangled up and became a double tree.