17 GIFs That Might Make You Feel Cool Again

    England is hot, let us fix that.

    1. Imagine you could dunk your head under this water.

    2. Imagine you could run your feet through this cooling sea.

    3. Enjoy this slowly dripping ice.

    4. Imagine jumping in this pool.

    5. This water would be nice.

    6. And so would this.

    7. Imagine sitting in this streaming river.

    8. This wave could crash over you and cool you down.

    9. This cooling ocean rain could fix your ills.

    10. This could be your hand being cooled in the water.

    11. This rushing water could be all around you.

    12. This water looks lovely.

    13. This wave would be awesome.

    14. This would cool you.

    15. Cool you right down.

    16. Just imagine how nice it would be.

    17. So nice.