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    23 Definitive Pieces Of Proof That Teens Need To Be Banned

    It's time this happened.

    1. This teen confused by the concept of libraries.

    my sister is a freshman in college and apparently teens in 2015 don't know how libraries work.

    2. The James Franco selfie labyrinth.

    3. When Swedish teens came up with this trend, that is still entirely inexplicable.

    4. This goddamn insane text conversation.

    5. This proof that the internet is no longer salvagable.

    6. They wear t-shirts of their own faces.

    7. And they do things like this.

    8. They desperately need to be wiser.

    9. Their selfies are too high-risk.

    10. But these goddamn kids are still so goddamn lazy.

    11. And they can't even rebel properly.

    12. They'll get their grandparents to help them and do the weirdest shit for the favs.

    13. Really, it's a trend.

    14. And not only are they doing promposals, they're doing meme promposals.

    15. They ruin everything.

    16. They keep trying to summon fucking demons.

    17. They just won't follow the rules.

    18. They don't understand culture.

    19. You can't trust them.

    20. They just cannot be trusted at all.

    21. And they don't have perspective.

    (You need the sound for this. Really.)

    22. And they have logic but no rationality.

    23. They just can't be allowed to go on.

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