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    29 Struggles Everyone With A Short Attention Span Will Understand

    The biggest problem is obviously... look at that butterfly!

    1. You seem to lose stuff that you were holding just seconds earlier.

    Walt Disney Pictures / Via

    2. If you walk into a new room you will probably forget why you went in there.

    3. You can't leave any unchecked notifications on your phone. Ever.


    4. Every time you open the internet, it's a battle with distraction.

    Disney / Via

    5. When you're trying to read an article, you find yourself somewhere else on the internet within minutes.

    CBS / / Via

    "What was I even looking at?"

    6. You always seem to have dozens of tabs open, in multiple windows.

    7. So you can never, never find the tab you were originally reading when you want to.

    Paramount Pictures / Via

    8. Until you eventually start closing all the tabs after a few days and rediscover it, like finding money in an old pair of jeans. / Via

    "Oh yeah, I never read this!" *Opens eight new tabs*

    9. It's basically impossible to use Wikipedia without disappearing into a clickhole and ending half an hour later, studying the back catalog of a 1970s Soul band you've never heard of.

    "I just wanted to check when Henry VIII came to the throne, how the hell am I here?"

    10. Windows near your desk will always lead to you looking out them for much longer than you're actually working for.


    11. Even when you're trying to focus on work, you're checking Facebook again within seconds.

    12. Or looking at your latest Instagram to see if anyone else has liked it in the past ten seconds.

    13. Or checking to make absolutely sure you don't have any WhatsApp notifcations.

    14. Even watching videos online is a struggle, especially when they're more than about 12 seconds long.

    15. You can easily end up with eight different videos lined up, all 40 seconds in, and you without a clue what's happening.

    Sweet Tea Pictures LLC / / Via

    16. Netflix always, always times out, since as soon as you put a movie on you pause it to start shuffling through the entirety of YouTube instead.


    Well, the first ten seconds of the entirety of YouTube.

    17. Your morning is an insane rush, because when you were supposed to be getting ready, you were doing something else entirely.

    AMC / Via

    18. Your domestic skills aren't great either, primarily because whenever you're doing something, you end up distracted after a few minutes.

    19. Like wandering off to watch TV when you have food cooking.

    20. Or trying to do laundry, but leaving it there for three days.

    21. Or popping a drink in the freezer to chill it quickly, then leaving it. For way too long.

    22. Buses can be a struggle because you will forget to get off at the appropriate stop.

    Amblin Entertainment / Via

    23. You instantly assume every phone ring that you hear is probably yours.

    Even it sounds nothing like it.

    24. And you think you feel your phone vibrating in your pocket a dozen times an hour.

    It never is.

    25. No matter how good an idea you have is, another one will come along very shortly and you'll forget all about it.

    20th Century Fox / Via

    26. Even when you try sleeping, you seem to get distracted by continually having new ideas. / Via

    Probably more so than when you're awake.

    27. You may sometimes get to the end of a sentence and have forgotten what you're talking about already.

    28. Or just drifting off and looking at something while someone else is talking.

    "I'm not ignoring you, I just thought there was a squirrel over there."

    29. Alternatively, you'll jump to a new topic without warning because you faded out for a few seconds.

    Nickelodeon / Via

    Actually, this might just be you being a crap friend. Oops.

    But on the plus side, think of all the time you've saved by not listening to terrible people!

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