This Live-Tweeted Medieval Irish War Is The Real "Game Of Thrones"

1014 Retold is re-telling an 11th century battle on Twitter, and it feels as though it’s taking place in Westeros. And you can join in!

1. One thousand years on from the bloody Battle of Clontarf, 1014 Retold is re-telling it on Twitter, from a variety of perspectives, including Kings, Queens and Viking invaders.

2. And it turns out, medieval Irish history is basically Game of Thrones. Though admittedly, without dragons.

3. The build-up is tense, to say the least.

#Gormlaith: So my brother #MaelMorda dreams of an easy win over the #DalCais. Poor fool.

— 1014 Retold (@1014retold)

7. Marriages forge and break alliances.

#BrianBoru: Though #Sitric #Silkbeard took my daughter #Slaine as wife, he does not respect me as his father or his king.

— 1014 Retold (@1014retold)

9. Family strife turns into war.

#MaelSechnaill: So my pretty young wife #MaelMuire presumes to advise me on matters of kingship and state, politics and warcraft.

— 1014 Retold (@1014retold)

11. Politics gets done over beer and feasting.

#Sigurd: I wager it's not just for my fine brews and sweetmeats he visits. So let’s drink and talk business like men.

— 1014 Retold (@1014retold)

13. There’s even a coin involved.

#Fishwife: The coin read 'SITI R+ DIFLIMELI' (Sithric King of Dublin) #Sitric

— 1014 Retold (@1014retold)

15. It also offers useful advice from ancient Ireland.

#IrishWisdom: If the head cannot bear the glory of the crown, better be without it.

— 1014 Retold (@1014retold)

16. The many epic characters involved are all laid out on the website.

17. Gormlaith - Consort of kings, mother of rulers, the power behind the throne.

Likes - Marrying kings
Dislikes - Ex-Husbands

18. Brian Boru - Emperor of Ireland, leader of the Dal Cais clan, and great warrior.

Likes - Ruling
Dislikes - Losing his head

19. Sitric - King of Dublin, Norse nobleman, architect of the rebellion.

Likes - Being in charge
Dislikes - Taking orders

20. Brodir - Feared Viking warrior and sorcerer, leader of the Isle of Man fighters.

Likes - Sorcery
Dislikes - Evil omens

21. There’s also the ‘Game of Retweets,’ where everyone can take sides and join the battle.

Each time you retweet one of the tweets from @1014Retold, they’ll add you to a Team List and your retweet is counted towards that person. The leaderboard is continually updating.

22. The project is also holding Ireland’s first ever live Wikipedia Edit-a-thon.

The goal is to improve coverage of the battle and period, as well re-assessing the role of Gormflaith ingen Murchada in the battle

23. SPOILER WARNING: Historical details of the battle can be read online in the Annals of Innisfallen and the Annals of Ulster.

Yes, that is a 1000-year old Spoiler Warning, if you’d rather follow along on Twitter instead.

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